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This blog was created to give expression to the things that inspire me in the simplicity of life, but also to reconnect to my roots by cooking and writing in Bulgarian.

These recipes are the simple food we like to eat at home (which happens to originate from foreign sources (I guess my roots are more in the act of cooking itself, than in the nationality of the recipe:)).  You can find a reference to the sources (most of them in English) under each recipe title.  You’ll miss on the stories around each dish, but, … oh, well ;).

However, there are some traditional Bulgarian recipes in this blog, or such that have become very popular through the years and are loved by (nearly) all Bulgarians, and I plan to translate them and provide a list with links below.

For now, there is one translated recipe.  There are several more that await translation and will soon appear here.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Bulgarian Easter Bread

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  1. solovelydecoration каза:

    thank you for following me,beautiful blog!
    i m going to try one of your recipes soon,
    bon week end

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